This movement devoted to Eldath, goddess of peace, mainly consists of former women and men that were prostitutes of Waterdeep and Neverwinter, that were led from their ways by Grihala “Glinda” Battlefate and brought to the following of Eldath. They see Glinda as a prophet of the green goddess, with the tiefling having personally brought many of them out of poverty.

About a third of Waterdeep’s prostitutes have since left their profession to join the Peacewalkers, and they now number at around 40 people (mostly women with a few men) in the City of Splendors alone. The most outspoken of them is Lorelei, once an escort to the richest nobles of Waterdeep. Like all the other Peacewalkers, Lorelei always wears simple, plain robes, but they do not disguise her incredible beauty.

The Peacewalkers follow the teachings on Eldath of Glinda over the traditional words of the Eldathyn clergy, and they have alerted the “Bringer of Peace” to the church’s consternation over this. They witnessed their first large speech by Glinda on the 19th of Nightal, 1489 DR – which many now see as the true beginning of their movement.

Known Members:
Lorelei, the group’s spokesperson
Left, Glinda’s left-hand woman


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