Ontharr Frume

This Elturgardian and paladin of Torm is a boisterous, affable, and straightforward man. He is a highly ranked member of the Order of the Gauntlet and devoted to the fight against evil wherever it can be found. Ontharr is the driving force behind efforts to unite various organizations and cities against increasing attacks by the Cult of the Dragon and their plans that seemingly involve bringing the dark goddess Tiamat into the world.

Ontharr is an old friend of Glinda, having first met her in far away Aglarond where he played a role in turning the young tiefling’s life to a different path. Through her, he was introduced to her companions Bob the Hermit, Getafix Obelix, Grob Panzer, Lucky Charmer, Princess Fluffypants, and Rurik Evermead, that through their association with Leosin Erlanthar had also travelled to meet with him, as Leosin was an old ally of the paladin. He, along with Leosin and the druid Reidoth, was the first to recruit Glinda and her companions to infiltrate the Cult and learn more about where they were taking their looted hoard of wealth. To this day he still looks unfavourably on Lucky because of their initial discussions, when the half-elf demanded to be paid for his services, as opposed to the other adventurers who were willing to risk their lives without pay.

Ontharr continues his efforts to unite the Sword Coast against the Cult, and represents the Order of the Gauntlet, as well as the realm of Elturgard, at the Council of Waterdeep. Although a champion of the now-dubbed Heroes of Skyreach, Ontharr nevertheless represents a pious organization that refuses to dally in any way with moral matters that some would consider murky, and he indicated that they were worried about the group’s associated with the Cult member “Salit” – a fake name for Talis. Ontharr himself has nevertheless expressed his full support for the adventurers.

Knowing Bob’s dedication to the draconic god of justice, Bahamut, Ontharr offered the sorcerer a chance to join the Order of the Gauntlet. The half-elf promised to consider it.

Ontharr Frume

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