Lord of Knowledge, Binder of What Is Known
Greater Deity
Symbol: A blank scroll
Alignment: True neutral
Pantheon: Faerûnian
Portfolio: Knowledge
Domains: Knowledge
Favoured Weapon: “Mortal Strike” (longsword)

Oghma (ogg-mah) is the most powerful deity of knowledge in Faerûn. A cheerful and wise power with a gift for persuading others to his point of view, he tends to implement complex plots that he has puzzled through mentally first rather than taking direct action. He sits in judgment over every new idea, deciding if it is to remain with its creator or be allowed into the world.

The church of Oghma is responsible for the accumulation and distribution of books, scrolls, knowledge, and lore. The church accepts people of any alignment as long as they are interested in the promotion of knowledge. Clerics of any alignment can serve Oghma. The clergy consists of cloistered sages and archivists who analyze, file, and copy the temple’s archives, as well as traveling clerics and bards who seek out new knowledge to bring back to the temples. Most temples support themselves by selling maps (never intentionally inaccurate), spell scrolls, and scribework.

Oghma’s clerics pray for their spells in the morning. Midsummer and Shieldmeet, two days when agreements are made or renewed and contracts are signed, are holy days to Oghma. The church’s two daily ceremonies are the Binding, performed in the morning and involving the writing of Oghma’s symbols during silent prayer, and the Covenant, an evening service in which works of wisdom, songs, and new knowledge are shared aloud with the deity and present clergy members and worshipers. His clerics often multiclass as bards and sometimes as wizards.

Knowledge, particularly the raw knowledge of ideas, is supreme. An idea has no weight, but it can move mountains. The greatest gift of humankind, an idea outweighs anything made by mortal hands. Knowledge is power and must be used with care, but hiding it away from others is never a good thing. Stifle no new ideas, no matter how false and crazed they seem; rather, let them be heard and considered. Never slay a singer, nor stand by as others do so. Spread knowledge wherever it is prudent to do so. Curb and deny falsehoods, rumor, and deceitful tales whenever you encounter them. Write or copy lore of great value at least once a year and give it away. Sponsor and teach bards, scribes, and record keepers. Spread truth and knowledge so that all folk know more. Never deliver a message falsely or incompletely. Teach reading and writing to those who ask (if your time permits), and charge no fee for the teaching.


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