Neronvain the Green

This moon elf is a Wyrmspeaker of the Cult of the Dragon. Little else is known about him, with Varram describing him as arrogant, secretive, and aloof. At the Well of Dragons, he deigned only to speak with Severin himself.

Neronvain led many attacks on the towns and cities of the northern Western Heartlands, and commanded the battle which saw the cultists take Secomber. He also led many raids on the elves of the Misty Forest with the assistance of the green dragon Chuth, whom he rode into battle. Neronvain’s raids left no survivors, although he did take a limited number of prisoners back to his lair, or shipped out to the Well of Dragons. The only town Neronvain left with survivors was Altland, due to the fact that the town’s warden, Galin, gave up the whereabouts of many other elven enclaves in return for his and the other villagers’ lives.

When the Heroes of Skyreach attacked the Chuth’s lair, which was serving as Neronvain’s hideout within the Misty Forest, he was forced into battle against them alongside the dragon. However, he was knocked unconscious during the fight by Groβ Panzer, and subsequently teleported back to Waterdeep for interrogation by the Harpers.

Neronvain is in fact an elven prince, and the second son of King Melandrach. He was exiled many years ago after he took a noble family’s insults against his father into his own hands, and murdered every member of the family. He was reported dead shortly thereafter – though this was obviously not true.

Neronvain the Green

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