Moon Elves

Elven subrace.

Moon elves are the most common sort of elves in Faerûn, Also called silver elves, they have fair skin (sometimes tinged with blue) and hair of silver-white, black, or blue, (humanlike colors are rare but possible). Their eyes are blue or green, with gold flecks. They are the elven subrace most tolerant of humankind, and most half-elves are descended from moon elves. Moon elves consider their patron to be the goddess Sehanine Moonbow. They are also the generally the only elves to worship Angharradh, believing her to be a distinct deity and the consort of Corellon Larethian.

Most moon elves left Faerûn for Evermeet, if they had not already done so, in 1344 DR, in an event known by others as the Elven Retreat, along with many sun elves and many wood elves. Only 1 in 20 moon elves stayed behind. However, thirty years later some began to return to Faerûn. Moon elves returned in far greater numbers than the sun elves, many of whom thought themselves above the concerns of Faerûn, and as a result moon elves are now far more common.

Moon elven domains outside Evermeet can be found in the forest of Cormanthor, the High Forest, the forests of the North, Silverymoon, and the Western Heartlands. Evereska is the strongest elven domain remaining in Faerûn, and both moon elves and sun elves are common there.

Moon Elves

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