Our Lady of the Forest, the Forest Queen
Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Unicorn’s head
Alignment: Neutral good
Pantheon: Faerûnian
Portfolio: Forests
Domains: Nature
Favoured Weapon: “The Hornblade” (scimitar)

Mielikki (my-lee-kee) is a good-humored deity who is quick to smile and confident in her actions. Fiercely loyal to and protective of those she calls friend, she considers carefully before including someone among those ranks. While she knows death is part of the cycle of life, she often intervenes to cure the injuries of an animal because she finds them hard to bear.

The members of Mielikki’s church are widespread and rarely collect into large groups for any length of time. There are few temples to the Forest Queen, with most worship taking place in glades or at small shrines. The members of the church act as the voices of the trees, protectors of the forests, and warriors of the faith. They teach humans and good races to care for and respect trees and forest life, renew and extend existing forests, work against practitioners of fire magic, and assist good rangers of all faiths.

Clerics, druids, and spellcasting rangers of Mielikki pray for spells at either morning or evening. The church’s most holy rituals take place on the equinoxes and solstices. They are called the Four Feasts and celebrate the sensual side of existence. The church’s celebrations on Greengrass and Midsummer night are similar to the Four Feasts, but they also include planting rites and the Wild Ride, where herds of unicorns gather and allow the faithful to ride them bareback through the forest at great speed. Once a month, each cleric or druid is required to enact a ritual to call forth a dryad or treant and then to serve the creature by performing small tasks for them for a day. Almost all clerics of Mielikki multiclass as druids or rangers.

Intelligent beings can live in harmony with the wild without requiring the destruction of one in the name of the other. Embrace the wild and fear it not, because the wild ways are the good ways. Keep the Balance and learn the hidden ways of life, but stress the positive and outreaching nature of the wild. Do not allow trees to be needlessly felled or the forest burned. Live in the forest and be a part of the forest, but do not dwell in endless battle against the forest. Protect forest life, defend every tree, plant anew where death falls a tree, and restore the natural harmony that fire-users and woodcutters often disrupt. Live as one with the woods, teach others to do so, and punish and curtail those that hunt for sport or practice cruelties on wild creatures.


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