Maccath the Crimson

The tiefling sorcerer Maccath, known as “the Crimson” for her blazing crimson cloak, is a member of the Arcane Brotherhood. Originally hailing from Calimshan, at some point of her life she joined the Brotherhood to further her knowledge of the arcane. Her research led her to an interest in the Draakhorn, leading her to become the world expert on the ancient draconic artifact.

Three years ago, in 1486 DR, Maccath travelled along with a number of companions to the Sea of Moving Ice to try and recover a number of stolen tomes stolen by the white dragon Arauthator over a century ago from the Arcane Brotherhood, while also hoping to be able to find the Draakhorn. Before they could even reach the dragon’s lair however, Arauthator destroyed their ship and killed everyone save for Maccath, whom he took a personal interest in.

Seeing Maccath’s Arcane Brotherhood brooch, Arauthator brought the sorcerer back to his Oyaviggaton lair to try and get her to decipher the very same writings he had stolen from the Hosttower of the Arcane back in 1373 DR. The white dragon also seemed to believe that he had convinced Maccath that once she was done, she could serve as the companion and rider of his mate Arveiaturace, an ancient white female that has longed for a wizard companion for over a century. Maccath played along for three years, while in secret plotting her escape and crafting magical items to aid her – such as two arrows of dragon slaying and a ring of cold resistance. This choice would prove to be a good one.

When the Draakhorn started to blow, the Heroes of Skyreach were asked by the Council of Waterdeep to find Maccath and the horn, and they made their way into the ice caves of Oyaviggaton to meet with her. They found the tiefling wishing to leave, but not without the arcane tomes she had come there to find. She offered them the items she had crafted to aid them in their battle against the dragon, as well as what insight she could. The Heroes of Skyreach subsequently slew the dragon, recovered the tomes as well as Auvion’s Rod, and returned with Maccath to Waterdeep.

Maccath is a haughty but dedicated woman, and clearly envisages a grand future for herself. She has completely devoted herself to unravelling the mysteries of the stolen tomes, such that she could not bear to abandon them. She keeps her surroundings orderly, and was not too amused when Bob the Hermit burnt a part of her tent down, and later Magnus Tyrrson vomited on her carpet. Nevertheless, she is thankful for her rescue by the adventurers, and has promised that the Arcane Brotherhood will not let the deed go unrewarded.

Maccath the Crimson

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