King Melandrach

The King of the elves of the Misty Forest, Melandrach is a proud and circumspect wild elf who has led his people for over two hundred years. He was ruler even before the Elven Retreat, famously advising against it, and continued to guide his people through both the Time of Troubles, a Rage of Dragons, and the Spellplague. He is half-brother to the Stag Prince, and father to Prince Alagarthas and the exiled Neronvain the Green.

Personal History
Melandrach is descended from a well respected royal line, and ascended to his throne after his father, King Mindartis, was assassinated by a member of his court, Laucian Siannodel, who then instigated a war for the throne with an army of orcs from the High Moor at his back. Then a young elf, Melandrach led the forces that beat them back and has been the ruler of his people ever since.

He is half-brother to Corran Evruil, who fatefully triggered the events that saw their father killed by pursuing the daughter of Laucian. Corran had been cursed by Laucian to take the form of a golden stag, which has gone on for as long as Melandrach has been coronated. Although he was recently restored to his former self by the efforts of Groβ Panzer, relations between the two remain strained due to Corran’s past actions.

He has two sons. Prince Alagarthas is his firstborn and heir, a talented warrior and ranger. After Alagarthas’s mother, Aerie, was killed by the green dragon Chuth, Melandrach eventually took a second wife, and together they raised Neronvain. However, Neronvain was always a bitter and angry elf, and one day took it upon himself to murder many members of one of the noble families that opposed his father. As punishment, Melandrach exiled his son, and later had heard that he had been killed by Chuth. In fact, Chuth and Neronvain had formed an alliance, and would eventually join in the ranks of the Cult of the Dragon. It was not until years later when Neronvain was captured by the Heroes of Skyreach that Melandrach learned that his second son still lived.

Council of Waterdeep
King Melandrach represents his people on the Council of Waterdeep, as they too have been affected by the looting raids of the Cult of the Dragon. He also represents the interests of the elves of the High Forest, who desired an elven delegate at the Council. Thus far the King of the Misty Forest has largely appeared aloof and arrogant at the Council, unwilling to trust the lives of his people to their care. He has watched the Heroes of Skyreach carefully but offered little in the way or judgment – or respect.

During the Second Council, Delaan Winterhound of the Emerald Enclave revealed that he believed a cult wyrmspeaker was operating in the Misty Forest, aided by a green dragon, but King Melandrach indicated a fervent belief that this was no longer the case, and that the Cult had been driven out of the forest.

Melandrach’s chief aide at the Council of Waterdeep is a bureaucratic elf named Kinnet Elafriel.

Interactions with the Heroes of Skyreach
After the Second Council, the adventurers approached the King of the Misty Forest with a request – that he transport them with his druidic powers to the Misty Forest village of Altland so that they might investigate the rumours of a wyrmspeaker. While reticent to do so, the group successfully pleaded their case and the King agreed. Groβ Panzer also requested that the King try and heal his relationship with Corran Evruil, to which the elf did not seem totally opposed.

Before departing for Altland, the adventurers later made another request of the King – that he apologize for the elves’ creation of the dracorage mythal to the metallic dragons. This made the elven King furious, though he eventually assented to do so on the basis of honour – though he remained adamant that the mythal had saved countless lives. His rage was somewhat sated by the knowledge that the adventurers had pledged the metallic dragons’ aid to protect the elves against further attacks by the Cult.

When it was discovered that his second son was in fact not dead but had become the cultist Neronvain the Green, Melandrach was enraged, but thankful that the group had initially kept the knowledge secret. He was outraged again when he heard of the loss of elven life in the flooding of Chuth’s waterfall lair, but his disgust was abated when the Heroes of Skyreach returned from that conflict the remains of the green dragon, as well as the full support of his son and heir, Prince Alagarthas. At his court in Miyentar, the King formally declared the support of the elves to the Council of Waterdeep and the heroes, and he later ratified this at the Third Council.

King Melandrach

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