Jamna Gleamsilver

This roguish gnome joined the caravan used by the Cult of the Dragon to transport loot from Greenest to Castle Naerytar at the town of Daggerford, hot on the trail of a man in a woolen cap she would later claim to the companions to be a Red Wizard of Thay. She approached the companions after fishing poison out of the gruel, claiming to have similar interests to them in stopping the Cult, and that she was working for the Lord Protector of Neverwinter, Dagult Neverember.

The gnome has shown herself to be unscrupulous and ready to do whatever it takes to get what she wants done, and is quick to suggest murder as a quick and easy solution to most problems. Nevertheless, she appears to be rational and cool headed, and not easily angered, even though Lucky Charmer uses every opportunity to bait and annoy her. She has also revealed that she has operated under multiple identities, and it is unclear if Jamna is even her true name.

Jamna has developed a peculiar rapport with Lucky Charmer, despite the half-elf’s constant ribbing. She proved an able ally during the uncovering of the Cult’s operations at Carnath Roadhouse, and was an intimidating interrogator. After the Cult members were subdued and it was clear that much of their hoard had already been transported on into the Mere of Dead Men, Jamna indicated she would stay behind to report to her superiors. She was requested by the group to ensure the recovered loot from Greenest to be returned to the town, and she agreed.

However, some time later the Harpers revealed to Lucky that Jamna had in fact been a member of the Zhentarim, and that it was doubtful she had ever worked for Neverember. What had become of her and the loot taken from Greenest was unknown – she had simply disappeared from their radar.

At some point later Jamna stole the White Dragon Mask from Varram the White during a Cult attack on Neverwinter, a devastating blow to the Cult. However, she was ambushed before she could pass it on to her superiors by forces loyal to the cultist Talis in Kupshia and the troll Trepsin, the latter of which almost killed her before she escaped, ripping off her right arm. These events were witnessed in the divination pool of Diderius by Varram, who later relayed the information to Lucky and the other Heroes of Skyreach.

After much dancing around, Jamna and Lucky were finally reunited in Waterdeep. The gnome had managed to restore her arm by paying a hefty fee to a cleric of Gond, using a fraction of the money stolen from Greenest – that she had promised to return. However, she had greatly fallen out of favour with the Zhentarim due to her loss of the White Dragon Mask, and needed Lucky’s help to get their favour back. She requested the adventurers meet with her superior, Rian Nightshade, and help her get onto the Council of Waterdeep – something that would surely get her back into the good books. As a bonus, the adventurers would forge an alliance with the powerful mercenary organization. They did so, and Jamna has returned to the Zhentarim.

Jamna Gleamsilver

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