Ice Hunters

The Ice Hunters are nomads that have lived in the North far longer than any other humans. Short, dark-haired, broad-faced, and with light brown skin, they cling stolidly to their culture and their traditions of fishing and whaling on the Sea of Moving Ice, and of hunting for seal, walrus, and polar bears among the ice floes. They travel by dogsled on land and ice, and paddle seal-hide boats called khyeks or oumyeks across the frigid water. They worship totems of animals from the world around them, such as Clever Oomio the gray seal, Grandfather Walrus, Great White Bear, and Pindalpau- pau the Reindeer Mother.

Oyaviggaton Ice Hunters
A group of Ice Hunters came to the iceberg lair of Oyaviggaton generations ago, and became the unwilling servants of the white dragon Arauthator. They lived as his thralls, fearing that he would hunt them down and take horrific revenge if they ever did anything against them. Thus, they tried to keep adventurers away from the iceberg for fear of the dragon for many years. They are currently led by their chieftain, Barking Seal, who defers on matters spiritual to the tribe’s shaman, Bonecarver.

Despite numerous attempts to deter the Heroes of Skyreach from pursuing the dragon, the Ice Hunters were forced to allow them to stay on the iceberg overnight after Grob Panzer beat the village champion, Orcaheart, in a one on one fight. The shaman Bonecarver would also try to poison them, but was eventually swayed by the possibility that these might be the heroes to finally free them of the dragon, and showed them the entrance to the ice caves beneath the village. Grihala “Glinda” Battlefate also recruited a young member of the tribe to her side, Bo’Bo.

This choice proved fortuitous. The Heroes of Skyreach slew Arauthator, finally allowing the Ice Hunters to leave Oyaviggaton after generations of living under the threat of the dragon’s wrath. They have since departed to start a new life for themselves.

The Ice Hunters have little way to deal with illness and disease, and thus must quarantine those that get sick and simply hope they get better. A case example is that of Mend-Nets, an Ice Hunter who contracted Bathek’s Disease and was quarantined in the ice caves beneath the village.

Barking Seal, chieftain
Bonecarver, shaman
Orcaheart, champion
Bo’Bo, tribesman and companion of Glinda
Mend-Nets, diseased tribesman

Magnus Tyrrson, a member of a tribe wiped out by Arauthator

Ice Hunters

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