This guardinal of the plane of Elysium was once a great servant of Eldath, the goddess of peace and groves. A powerful humanoid with duck-like features (a subtype of guardinal known as an anasial) in his home plane, Havarion disguised himself in the form of a duck when he wished to maintain a low profile in the Material Plane. Like other guardinals, Havarion was a being of pure goodness, unbound by the forces of law and chaos.

Havarion was assigned by Eldath to protect a mortal priestess of Eldath, but failed in this duty when her grove came under assault by the followers of Malar, the evil god of the hunt. The terrible massacre that occurred there scarred Havarion deeply, with the evil and viciousness he witnessed tainting a part of his being. He subsequently found it impossible to reside in Elysium any longer, for the taint within him could not long abide the brightness of that plane. Thus Havarion wandered the planes, trying to beat back the evil within him, but finding him periodically having bursts of dark, chaotic rages.. Whenever he entered the Material Plane, he found it took incredible amounts of energy for him to take on his true guardinal form, due to him no longer being truly comfortable in it.

Havarion had previously been summoned to the Material Plane by the use of a magical feather of the purest white, and one day found himself summoned and at the mercy of Shou chefs. This, either by pure chance or divine intervention, led to his meeting with Grihala “Glinda” Battlefate when she visited a Shou restaurant in Waterdeep. Although in his duck form and unwilling to speak, Glinda soon realized that “Howard”, as she called him, was clearly no ordinary duck – first discovered when he bit off the penis of the four-armed troll Trepsin and proceeded to chew on it like a toy. Glinda would later discover that the “duck” even talked to her, but only she could understand it. He at times can be quite aggressive and hostile, and seems to have a craving for penises to chew on.

At Oyaviggaton, Havarion revealed his true nature to Glinda, having finally placed some trust in her – and she had finally asked. He has come to believe that Eldath has guided the two to meet, so that they can help each other find true peace.

Havarion, whilst in the Material Plane, can only take on his true form once every 15 days, an event which leaves him greatly weakened but frightens all those who witness it. Glinda first made use of this to frighten Naevan Glitterbane out of being a misogynist. As a guardinal of Eldath, Havarion also has the ability to speak to animals and plants.


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