This relatively young ex-initiate of the Cult of the Dragon never had much of the the religious fervour which drives his departed organization, and had yet to be fully initiated into the Cult when the adventurers’ caravan arrived at Carnath Roadhouse. Finding himself tied up with the rest of the roadhouse’s occupants, Hamez broke easily under the interrogation of Jamna, Lucky, and Princess Fluffypants, his fear being obvious from his profuse sweating.

His interrogation turned up little however, as he was obviously privy to little of the Cult’s inner workings. He did however reveal for the first time that Talis, who he referred to as “Talis the White”, was a famed member of the Cult amongst its members, and has even tamed a white dragon named Glazhael.

Hamez hails from Calimshan, and claims to send money there to his ailing mother which he earns from the Cult. The companions decided to make him accompany them into the Mere of Dead Men as they further pursued the Cult, as a porter for their equipment. He has gained the nickname “Patsy Hummous”. He was almost killed in the Mere by the Weed That Walks, but was narrowly rescued by the healing magic of Glinda. He has since offered his full allegiance to the party, though they do not doubt he would betray them under severe duress due to his cowardly nature.

Hamez accompanied the group all the way to Castle Naerytar, on to Skyreach Castle, before finally leaving the adventurers in Waterdeep. Under Lucky’s instruction, Hamez travelled south to Greenest along with the ogre Lothka and Glinda’s pet giant frog tadpole Archibald, also known as Felix, who travelled in a waterskin filled with blood carried by Hamez. On arriving in Greenest the group met up with the Cereal Killers and the Calishite and ogre were integrated into the group – which are now putting Hamez up as the potential new governor of the town.


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