Dragon Masks

The Dragon Masks are five relics shown to Severin in a vision by Tiamat herself, each one carved in the likeness of one of the five chromatic dragons. Varram believes that all five are required for Tiamat to be summoned into the world. They are believed to grant extraordinary power, as well as the ability to more ably communicate with chromatic dragons and thereby persuade them – a measure the Cult of the Dragon has used to recruit many dragons to their cause.

As the masks were found, Severin granted them to his allies within the Cult, whom he named Wyrmspeakers. The last mask was found relatively recently, and it was at this time that the Cult of the Dragon initiated the next stage of their plan – looting the Sword Coast of its wealth.

The Black Dragon Mask was seen worn by Rezmir, a powerful half-dragon, during her flight from Castle Naerytar, but she was not wearing it when she was ambushed and killed in Skyreach Castle. Varram later revealed that it had been teleported back to the Well of Dragons on her death.

The White Dragon Mask was given to Varram, a confidant of Severin, but it was later stolen by Jamna Gleamsilver, resulting in the dwarf’s travelling to the Tomb of Diderius to divine its location. However, the mask had already fallen into the hands of Talis.

The Blue Dragon Mask was given to Galvan Modar, the architect of much of the Cult’s plans.

The Green Dragon Mask was given to an offstandish moon elf named Neronvain, of whom even Varram knew little.

The Red Dragon Mask was kept by Severin himself.

The Heroes of Skyreach have pledged to hand any dragon masks they find over to the metallic dragons for protection immediately.

Dragon Masks

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