Council of Waterdeep

This Council is formed of the representatives of groups and factions from across the Sword Coast concerned about the rise of the Cult of the Dragon. Its stated aim is to draw up plans for dealing with the Cult, but underlying this is a need for the factions to unite in order to deal with the Cult most effectively. It is held at the Lords Palace in Waterdeep.

Its formation is largely thanks to the efforts of Leosin Erlanthar, the Harper half-elf monk who has devoted his life to investigating and opposing the Cult. The Council was not easily formed, with the different factions having many opposing views and differences. The catalyst was the assassination of Arthagast Ulbrinter, a highly respected nobleman, one of the Masked Lords of Waterdeep and the husband of Remallia Haventree – a highly influential Harper whose aid to Leosin’s efforts proved invaluable.

Council Members:


THE FIRST COUNCIL (9th of Uktar, 1489 DR)
The first session of the Council of Waterdeep involved a lot of bickering and disagreement between parties. Each side indicated worry about what will happen to their interests if they commit fully to the fight. Even though they were aware of the dangers the Cult poses, each was keenly aware that the conflict would alter the power balance in the Sword Coast – and each was keen not to lose out. Although the factions were committed to dealing with the Cult in their own way, working together did not seem likely.

The Heroes of Skyreach were elevated as a possible uniting force for the group, with each admiring them for the defeat of Rath Modar and Rezmir, as well as the promise of aid from the cloud giant Blagothkus. Nevertheless, the factions were unwilling to entirely trust the adventurers.

The Council nevertheless formed a repository for intelligence about the Cult, and missions of significant importance (such as finding Varram the White and the Draakhorn) with relevance to all the parties were openly discussed there. These missions have thus far been entrusted to the care of the Heroes of Skyreach who seem relatively unattached to each faction, on agreement of the Council.

THE SECOND COUNCIL (28th of Nightal, 1489 DR)
Fifty days after the first, the second council was held, and introduced Laeral Silverhand as the new head of the Council as the Open Lord of Waterdeep, replacing Dagult Neverember – and adding more fuel to the fire of problems between the councillors. The recent murder of an aide from Mithral Hall by an aide from Neverwinter was also a source of angst (despite persistent rumours of a succubus). The primary things to come out of the Council was an offer from the metallic dragons to meet them at a conclave in the Nether Mountains known as a Council of Wyrms, where they would decide whether or not to fight alongside the humanoids or strike immediately against the Cult. The Emerald Enclave also revealed they believed a wyrmspeaker to be operating in the Misty Forest, and requested aid investigating their lead.

The third Council of Waterdeep is scheduled 25 days after the 2nd, on the 23rd of Hammer, 1490 DR.

Council of Waterdeep

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