Corran Evruil

This high born wood-elf was once the prince of the mighty elven Kingdom of the Misty Forest. An exuberant young elf, he was known as a mighty warrior and ranger, and earned himself the nickname of “Halfblade” after slaying a large number out of a company of Raugorth orcs raiding from the High Moor.

The Stag Prince
Soon after reaching adulthood, at the age of 132, Corran fell in love with a wood elven girl named Althaea Siannodel, the daughter of Laucian – a powerful elven sorcerer who lived on the edges of the High Moor, who was an outspoken critic of his father, King Mindartis, and a rival at his court. Melandrach, Corran’s older half-brother, warned him against pursuing the girl, for fear of worsening his family’s relationship with the sorcerer, but Corran chased her anyway. Laucian, already a twisted man, came to believe that King Mindartis had commanded Corran to seduce his daughter in order to somehow reduce the sorcerer’s influence, and his dislike of the noble family deepened into hatred.

Using powerful magic, Laucian cursed Corran to take the form of a golden stag, and had his princedom invaded and left dark and unhallowed by Raugorth orcs. With Corran destroyed in Laucian’s eyes, the sorcerer then turned his attention to King Mindartis. The sorcerer, with the aid of the orcs, succeeded in assassinating Mindartis, and briefly declared himself King of the Misty Forest – until Corran’s brother Melandrach successfully led his father’s armies against Laucian and retook the Kingdom. The curse meanwhile was bound to stay within the ruins of his former castle, or turn into a golden stag. Thus he was left to wander amongst the ruins of his princedom, unable to leave for fear of being hunted for his golden fleece and platinum antlers. Although people sought him out, all they ever seemed to find was the beautiful stag.

Centuries later, he was spotted in the form of a golden stag on the border of the Misty Forest by the Trade Way by a caravan travelling north. Many hunters pursued him, but it was the half-orc barbarian Groβ who tracked him down to the ruins, where he found Corran in wood elf form. Corran begged the half-orc to save his life by finding a wizard to break the curse that had bound him for centuries, a request to which Groβ agreed.

The wood elf prince was taken to Waterdeep, where his curse was finally broken by a wizard of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors named Arven Llandal. He was then equipped by Groβ in order to travel safely, before deciding to seek out what had happened to the world and then return to his homeland and find his people. Before heading back, Corran went to the home of Naevan Glitterbane, a minor Waterdhavian noble who had either taken pity on him or saw a chance to ride on the prince’s coattails.

After the Curse Was Broken
Since the curse was broken, Corran has reunited with his lost half-brother, although Melandrach still partly blames him for the death of their father. Corran formed a better relationship with Melandrach’s son, Prince Alagarthas, and became involved in assisting the prince with his investigations into the attacks by the Cult of the Dragon, aided also by the Emerald Enclave. A more than capable ranger, Corran was the first to discover that the isolated elven village of Altland had been attacked by the Cult, but half the population weren’t killed – while every other village attacked had been killed to the last elf. Suspecting a link to the rumoured dragonrider in the forest, Corran travelled to Waterdeep to seek the aid of the closest friend he had – Groβ Panzer. The half-orc agreed to help his old friend.

Corran Evruil

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