Connerad Brawnanvil

A former King of Mithral Hall, Connerad puts dwarven welfare first and last. He was the chosen representative for the dwarves at the Council of Waterdeep, representing the major settlements of Mithral Hall, Citadel Adbar, Citadel Felbarr, & even Gauntlgrym. These settlements presented a united front at the Council, and were believed to be greatly united outside of it as well.

Connerad served as King of Mithral Hall during the War of Everlasting Darkness of 1484-85, though he abdicated immediately afterwards to accompany Bruenor Battlehammer to retake Gauntlgrym. During the conflict he was slain by a demon, though his corpse was recovered and buried, him being named posthumously as the First King of Gauntlgrym. However, under mysterious circumstances he was found resurrected two years later, without any memory of how or why. Due to the superstitious whispering about him that was unsettling the city, Connerad took it upon himself to leave for southern lands, in order to become an ambassador for the dwarves.

Relationship to the Heroes of Skyreach:
The dwarven kingdoms in the North have lost many people in recent years, most memorably against the orcs in the War of Everlasting Darkness, and the dwarves that remain are struggling to retain ancient lands only recently reclaimed. Tensions in the region, together with strained relations with their Luruar neighbours, means that the dwarven ambassador had a lot on his mind during the Councils. Increasing giant activity in the Spine of the World has him increasingly worried, and he decried the allowing of the giants to retain Skyreach Castle by the so-called Heroes of Skyreach.

He seems to respect the heroes’ bravery, and considers their actions carefully – but nevertheless, Connerad is extremely reluctant to commit dwarven lives to fighting outside of their homeland. He fought in the War of Everlasting Darkness as the King of Mithral Hall, and he is all too conscious of the losses that conflict inflicted – and that no one came to the aid of the dwarves.

However, he greatly respects the Heroes of Skyreach for pledging the aid of metallic dragons to protect the dwarven enclaves during their fight against the Cult. Due to this, along with a bit of persuasion from Lucky Charmer and Princess Fluffypants, Connerad assented to making an apology to the metallic dragons for the dragonmoots in which non-misbehaving dragons were killed (although he asserted that such a thing had never happened, he pledged to not mention that in front of the dragons). He also consented to returning the remains of Danaarkian, the niece of Otaaryliakkarnos who had been killed in such a dragonmoot.

Ultimately, the heroes’ bravery won the dwarf over, and he convinced the dwarven Kings & Queens to send troops south to aid the effort against the Cult of the Dragon. The decision was largely an unpopular one with the dwarven people, due to the lack of assistance they got during their own war, but the dwarven leaders trusted in Connerad’s judgment. Thanks to the dwarves’ involvement, the battle against the Cult was swiftly won.

Connerad Brawnanvil

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