Cereal Killers

The Cereal Killers are a small gang of rogues, originally based in Athkatla, of which Lucky Charmer is a member. Their name comes from a critical incident four years ago when they accidentally set a caravan carrying large amounts of grain alight, which led to the discovery of puffed grains. Since that day, the heists of the group’s members have typically been cereal themed, and they are known for leaving small tidbits of cereal at crime scenes.

The gang had to split up and leave Athkatla after the “Cereal Incident”, as the caravan had also been transporting illicit goods and a number of poodles that were on route to a ranking member of the Shadow Thieves, the powerful criminal organization who every thief had to pay their dues to in Amn. Since then the Cereal Killers have been wanted men, and each member of the group has had to be careful with revealing their true identity.

Lucky has recently been calling members of the group to the town of Greenest, and has instructed them to infiltrate the town’s infrastructure, with the plan of propping up Hamez as the new town governor.

Known Members:
Lucky Charmer
The goblins Snap, Crackle, and Pop
Lothka the ogre, also known as Frankenberry

Cereal Killers

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