This powerful cloud giant believes that giankind have grown soft over the millennia, and they need something big to shake them out of their reverie and reclaim their rightful place as lords of the world. To this end, he made an agreement with the Cult of the Dragon to assist them in summoning Tiamat and ushering in a new Time of Dragons – believing that only a conflict with the dragons, the ancient enemy of giantkind, could spur the giants to unite.

Blagothkus’s flying iceberg fortress, Skyreach Castle, was used by the Cult to ferry wealth looted from across the Sword Coast to the Well of Dragons, an agreement that he forged with Galvan the Blue. He even consented to the Cult allowing a dragon onboard – the white dragon Glazhael.

As a cloud giant, Blagothkus is highly ranked within the ordning, the giant caste system. The only giant type Blagothkus would take orders from is a storm giant, who rarely involve themselves in the affairs of the lesser races.
Blagothkus’s wife, Esclarotta, died some time ago, and a tower on his castle is commemorated to her memory. He has a retinue of ogre guards, some of which form his honour guard.

With the arrival of Bob the Hermit, Grob Panzer, Glinda, Lucky Charmer, Princess Fluffypants, and Patris Daarendrian, everything changed for Blagothkus. After learning that Blagothkus was secretly rallying a giant army in the Spine of the World to take on the dragons, the adventurers managed to convince the cloud giant of the folly of joining with the Cult in the first place. In return for the elimination of the cultists aboard Skyreach Castle, Blagothkus agreed to fight with the forces of the Sword Coast against the Cult, even going so far as to give the agreement to them in writing.

With their agreement forged, Blagothkus dropped the adventurers off at Waterdeep, his grand flying iceberg castle making such an entrance that they would come to be known as the Heroes of Skyreach. The cloud giant then returned to the north, to continue to rally giant support to fight the Cult.


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