The Platinum Dragon, Lord of the North Wind
Symbol: Dragon’s head in profile on a blue shield
Alignment: Lawful good
Pantheon: Draconic
Portfolio: Justice, Good Dragons
Domains: Life, War
Favoured Weapon: Dragon’s head (longsword)

Bahamut (bah-hahm-ut) is the draconic god of justice, and the ancient enemy of Tiamat. He is known as the Platinum Dragon. According to draconic legend, he has existed since the beginning of time (which, in a dragon’s reckoning is since the first dragon appeared on Toril). The legends say that he and Tiamat are two opposing halves of the great draconic god Asgorath.

The Platinum Dragon has much more recognition in the east of Faerûn, where he was once worshipped under the names Xymor or Marduk, and fought many battles against the forces of Tiamat. The two nearly destroyed each other in those times, and their power was greatly diminished for over two thousand years. He is not well known in western Faerûn to the non-draconic races, but knowledge of him has increased with the rise of the Cult of the Dragon, who are devoted to his long time rival.

Bahamut lives on the plane of Mount Celestia, his realm guarded by seven faithful gold wyrms who often accompany him. These wyrms are dragons that ascended to his celestial realm through their great deeds, and he occasionally returns them to the world to perform great tasks in his name. These wyrms follow the ancient Ptarian Code, set down by one of their predecessors long ago, and this code is also followed by his more fervent earthly followers.

Bensvelkeargix was one of these seven wyrms, until he committed a grievous sin when he killed a human cleric of Bahamut in a blind rage. As the head of Bahamut’s mortal armies, the loss to the Platinum Dragon’s forces was great when he was forced to banish Bensvelkeargix’s soul into a deep sleep. That resulted in a series of events that would see Bahamut’s power greatly diminished when his avatar was destroyed when he destroyed an avatar of Tiamat. It is only in recent years that Bahamut has been growing in power once more.


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