Arcane Brotherhood

The wizards of the Arcane Brotherhood are renowned for their passionate study of the arcane arts, but not for using it for the greater good as so many other are. The Arcane Brotherhood uses magic for only two purposes: to make the mage more powerful, or to further the aims of the Brotherhood – an organization historically most interested in power. The Hosttower of the Arcane in Luskan has always been the centre of the organization’s leadership, and serves as an academy to train their young mages.

The Arcane Brotherhood was established in Luskan in the early 1300s, but was believed to come to an end when a succession of dragon attacks, invasion, and the Spellplague left Luskan greatly damaged and diminished. However, the Brotherhood had merely entered the shadows, beginning to resurface in the 1480s. As of 1486 DR, they had managed to return and are slowly trying to restablize Luskan.

In 1489 DR, the Arcane Brotherhood re-entered the political scene by establishing themselves on the Council of Waterdeep, promising the service of their mages for an equal share of the wealth looted by the Cult of the Dragon.

Druette “The Raven” Pentecost, an influential human wizard from Waterdeep
Maccath the Crimson, a tiefling sorcerer who is an expert on the Draakhorn

Arcane Brotherhood

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