The Keeper of the Yellow Sun
“Dead” Deity – actually a past form of Lathander
Symbol: A sun with twelve spikes coming out of it
Alignment: Lawful good
Pantheon: Faerûnian (see Lathander)
Portfolio: Bureaucracy, law and order, the sun
Domains: Life, Light
Favoured Weapon: “Speaker” (mace)

Amaunator was the reincarnated deity of the sun, the timekeeper of the gods. Though some
say he died, he actually transformed into Lathander. The deity has fluxed between these two different incarnations over the centuries. Amaunator was most strongly worshipped during the days of Netheril long ago, and more recently in the century following the Spellplague. Around 1485 DR, Amaunator retook the form of Lathander once more.

Amaunator causes the sun to burn and sets its course across the sky, giving rise to the celestial clock by which all time is measured. All who benefit from the accurate keeping of clocks and calendars—such as farmers, merchants, and nomads who follow the seasons revere Amaunator. He is also favored by those mortals who respect the law and find comfort in predictability.

Amaunatori are rigid and traditional in the worship of their deity, and little variety exists between different sects. His priests, the sunlords, offer their services as judges and administrators. Their most solemn observances are reserved for the day of the summer solstice.

Although “Amaunator” no longer exists currently, many common folk still worship him in that form rather than that of Lathander. However, their prayers are not heard.


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