Rurik Evermead

Dwarven cleric with a love for ale and his god


A reddy-brown bearded shield dwarf, he wears a grey cloak over his armour, emblazoned with the symbol of an eye over a mace in front of a fur-trimmed boot. He is never seen without his axe.


Rurik is one of the Volamtar, clerics of Marthammor Duin that watch over wanderers on the roads and mark trails safe for travellers. His fondness for ale is well-known, and runs strongly through his family. He has an optimistic and amiable personality, and is generally quite open-minded for a shield dwarf. As a cleric of Marthammor Duin, he loves the open road as well as the thrill of battle against the forces of darkness. He has nicknamed his battleaxe “Bertha”.

Rurik feels he owes a debt to the town of Greenest after some of its town guard rescued him from an orc attack while he was travelling on the Uldoon Trail. He has thus pledged to see the perpetrators of the assault on that town brought to justice, and joined up with Bob the Hermit, Lucky Charmer, and Grob Panzer to try and make that happen.

However, when their journey brought them to Elturel, Rurik’s love for liquor got the better of him, and he was rendered totally incapacitated by the time the other adventurers were discussing their next move, and they ended up leaving the white city without him.

Rurik Evermead

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