Priscilla the Bridge Builder

A tempestuous shield dwarf ex-jester


A female dwarf of 42 years, with a distinct red beard.


Priscilla is a member of the Peak Clan of shield dwarves, a clan long lost to the ways of civilization. No dwarf of the clan had seen the surface for generations, and it had become a core belief that the world was entirely underground, although legend spoke of an inner core that was full of riches. Thus, the peak clan always dug upwards, in search of these riches. Priscilla made her living as a jester, as her antics were always of much amusement to those around her. She became known as the “Queen of the Shaft”, named for the long vertical shafts the dwarves would dig as they burrowed ever upwards.

The dwarf to finally break through to the surface was Andre the Anviller. As the light of the sun spilled down on Andre and his companions, which included Priscilla, the sight was so much that Andre stumbled, falling back on top of nine other dwarves and triggering an avalanche of rocks that saw his hammer knocked from his hand. That hammer fatefully would hit Priscilla on the head, and when she came to she swore she would take her vengeance on Andre for that mishap.

However, Andre was nowhere to be found in the aftermath. As the other dwarves of the clan debated what to do about their discovery of the “inner world”, Priscilla left to find what had happened to Andre. For a long time she searched, until she eventually heard rumours that a shield dwarf matching his description had joined with the famous entertainer Princess Fluffypants. Although this turned out to be a false rumour, when Priscilla broke down and told her story to a small crowd on the outskirts of Waterdeep, a stranger recalled hearing about Andre and his unique skill set, and that he had joined the High Road Charter Company as a road-builder. Thus Priscilla set off north in search of him, in the company of Princess Fluffypants and her companions, who were also headed north.

At Carnath Roadhouse, Priscilla and Andre were finally reunited. Priscilla knocked him unconscious and made a jester show out of his unconscious body, much to the amusement of everyone around her. After the two were caught up in a foray against the Cult of the Dragon, Priscilla and Andre decided they would settle down together and begin a new life.

Priscilla the Bridge Builder

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