The Stockwood Scrolls

Xonthal's Tower

Winter, 26th of Hammer (Session 2-30)

Continue through the maze, deal with a talking door, and a giant statue of a balor with a button in front of it.
Finally escape maze, find way to base of tower, teleport it
Find body of murdered cultist, without the dragon tattoos and Tiamat insignias normally seen.
Try navigating the tower’s button system
Teleport to top of tower, fight with the leader of the cultists in the tower, Jorgen Pawl, and his minions. Kill three cultists, take Jorgen and another captive, play them off against each other. Eventually decide to teleport them back to Waterdeep eventually to face trial. Gain key to basement off Pawl.
Have Walkie Talkie investigate a couple of other levels of tower, eventually leave alone
Teleport to basement where Iskander is believed to have fled, find cultist bodies bashed to death by elementals, trail of blood leading off down passage.
Fight against elementals, Bensvelkeargix is killed during battle. In death he sees a vision from Bahamut, telling him the truth of why he was sent into a human body at this time, that Bahamut left him there to ensure he will defeat Tiamat. He also informs Bensvelkeargix that the new laws that bind the gods forbid entry into the material world, and if Tiamat is able to do so, he is not sure what will happen. Bensvelkeargix is told to prevent her, no matter the cost. Glinda resurrects in short order.
Investigate adjacent room, wizard’s labroom with spinning whirlwind. Glinda disturbs it and it turns into a fusion elemental, almost kills everyone, they escape narrowly back into the tower, before resting up and returning to find the elemental has exploded due to its own internal instability.
Navigate up passage following trail of blood, find selves in starfilled area where they can see the cosmos all around them and below the path. Head to a side door, where they find magically trapped bookshelves, which they dispel & disarm. Behind them they find an area focusing a looking glass into the Elemental Plane of Fire, and another area with a glass coffin with a naked body inside – which they believe to be a clone of Xonthal, not yet awakened – meaning that somewhere, the wizard is still alive.
Continue to follow trail of blood, find Iskander’s corpse amongst a room with two glass timekeepers. On his corpse they find the Blue Dragon Mask, and they put both into the bag of holding.
Investigate closet, find a whole lot of magic components
Investigate final room off to side, find a trapped efreeti. They quickly see through its lies however, and do not free it, thinking that it will lash out at them.
They begin to head back up to the main tower, ready to leave, Iskander’s corpse and Dragon Mask in hand, and Jorgen Pawl and the other cultist prisoner.


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