The Stockwood Scrolls

The Virgin Square Massacre

Winter, 13th - 15th of Hammer (Session 2-28)

Using the crystal ball of Arven Llandal of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors, Glinda Battlefate had used a scrying spell to divine to location of Rezmir, who had captured Leosin Erlanthar. The Black Wyrmspeaker of the Cult of the Dragon was revealed to be torturing Leosin in a tower somewhere in the Underdark enclave of Skullport, a hive of villainy within the complex of Undermountain beneath Waterdeep. Before departing to rescue their friend and ally, the party pondered how they would get to Skullport. Lucky sent for the help of his fellow Harper and friend of Leosin, a human spy named Tuskar who knew Skullport well. As Tuskar arrived, the team was also rejoined by Princess Fluffypants.

Tuskar explained what Skullport was to the uninitiated: a den of thieves, slavers, and scum of all stripes. Built into the third level of the great dungeon of Undermountain beneath Waterdeep, it was a city without laws, with the only order being reinforced by mysterious magical floating skulls – known simply to locals as The Skulls. Although Skullport was a place where murder was commonplace, the Skulls still randomly enforced edicts of their own choosing, most commonly when violence interfered with the trade occurring in the city, especially that of slavery. Thus, the underground city had become a center for slavery in the Sword Coast, operating less than a day’s travel from the City of Splendors itself. He explained that the Lords of Waterdeep allowed it to exist as a way to prevent such trades leaking into Waterdeep itself, and keeping the city’s reputation as pristine as possible.

The main way into the city was through an underground river system accessible from seacaves underneath Mount Waterdeep, controlled by a powerful group of mages known as The Keepers. However, to get there via such a route would take too long, so Tuskar offered up three alternated routes he was aware of. The first was through the only publicly known entrance to Undermountain – a vertical tunnel in The Yawning Portal tavern which adventurers used to access the great dungeon. However, trekking through three levels of Undermountain would again take too long, so this too was ruled out. The second way was a secret passage known to the Harpers, also existing within the Yawning Portal – behind a secret door in the tunnel’s cellar. The passage had not been used for almost six months however, and was filled with traps and side caverns through which the denizens of the Underdark were prone to travel. The third route was through a whorehouse known as The Blue Mermaid, where the Harpers knew slavers operated. That route however, would be heavily guarded. Ultimately, the group decided to take the second route, and travel through the secret tunnel in the cellars of the Yawning Portal tavern.

At The Yawning Portal, the group arrive to find would-be adventurers swapping stories of their grand adventures, each talking of the great wealth they would one day claim from Undermountain. Lucky decided to bait the loudest of these, a large Illuskan named Grackar the Brave. After learning that the most recent group to descend into Undermountain had been killed by goblins, with only one person escaping, Lucky challenged Grackar to do better. Claiming he never backs down from a challenge, Grackar agrees, and he and his Companions Three boldly descend into Undermountain while the group sneak into the cellars to find the secret Harper passage to Skullport. Glinda challenges Grackar to marry her when he returns, and since he never backs down from a challenge, he agrees.

In the cellar, Tuskar reveals the secret Harper tunnel. Their journey through that tunnel was not without incident. A couple of hours into the eight hour trek, skeletons of a few kobolds were found, skewered by spear traps, and sucked dry of any tissue. Suspecting the work of a gelatinous cube, the companions kept their eyes out for such a creature, and Lucky sent Boo Barry on ahead to scout. The cube was soon found in a side passage, and made short work of. Glinda was sure to pocket some of the cube’s ooze into one of her jars for safekeeping.

Not long later, the party came across a whole community of kobolds, settled in a cavern system that had collapsed into the tunnel. Alerted to the presence of intruders by one of Lucky’s illusions, the red-scaled kobolds prepared for battle. The companions tried threatening the kobolds, and pretending to be Cult of the Dragon members – but these kobolds, members of the Riven Scale clan indicated no allegiance to the Cult, and no signs of being intimidated. In a further attempt to scare them, Groβ Panzer teleported up to the “King” of the clan, Bordak – but this merely provoked an attack from all seventy of the kobolds. Although the kobolds managed to bring him to the ground, the half-orc merely stood up again, and started to cut into them with Hazirawn. Their king, along with six others, was slain, and the remainder surrendered quickly thererafter. Glinda takes a 1 year old kobold named Gracksta from his mother, GroB having killed his father. The kobold is resistant, so she knocks him out, and shortly after she decides to call him Grax for short.

14th of Hammer
The journey down the tunnel continues, and midnight comes and goes. Shortly after the group arrive in Skullport. At the end of the tunnel, Tuskar reveals the locations of some Harper disguises, wide-brimmed hats and masks to shield from the smells of the underdark town, which the group quickly don. Lucky takes the time to resummon Boo Barry as a bat, and sends him off to explore the dilapidated towers of the town, in the hope of finding some sign of Leosin. Knowing that the familiar might find nothing, the companions head into Skullport.

Tuskar explains the major power groups of Skullport, and eventually the group decide to seek out the shield dwarf named Ahmaergo, the leader of one of the most powerful gangs in town. The seek him out at one of the main hangouts of his group, a tavern named The Black Tankard. In the square outside the tavern, the group witness slaves being sold at auction. Glinda considers buying one for a moment, but eventually the companions decide to not draw attention to themselves and they enter the tavern.

It doesn’t take long for someone to fetch Ahmaergo. For a reasonable price, the dwarf reveals that someone matching Rezmir’s description had been seen talking with the lamia Transtra, the owner of the pleasure house known as the House of the Long Slow Kiss, who also owned a few warehouses throughout town and had her hand in quite a few businesses. Thankful for the information, though worrying that the dwarf would arrange for their ambush shortly after leaving, the group swapped up their disguises as they made their way through the alleyways.

Not long after, Boo Barry returned with the information that one of the towers was very similar to the one Glinda had scryed – and it just so happened that this was one of the warehouses belonging to Transtra. The front door was warded by abjuration magic however. In the small square out the front, a small crowd had gathered to listen to a Cult of the Dragon preacher, proclaiming that the return of Tiamat was inevitable. The crowd was soon baited by a member of the companions, which resulted in a brawl between two people in the crowd over whether Tiamat’s return would be a good thing. When one, a half-drow, drew his knife, the crowd suddenly went silent. One of the Skulls had appeared above him, stared at him for a time, and then departed. The half-drow simply dropped his knife, took off his clothes, and wandered off into the street. Amazed, the crowd dispersed quickly afterwards, fearing the Skull’s attention would be drawn to them. Glinda used the chaos to cast a quick clairvoyance spell, looking into the building – and indeed found Leosin. His skin had been entirely stripped from his bones, with large sheets of it simply placed on the floor. The tower appeared otherwise abandoned – but the group decided it might be best to seek out this Transtra before proceeding any further.

On their way to House of the Long Slow Kiss, Tuskar is pickpocketed by a young man, but he is spotted by Glinda. GroB quickly grabs hold of the man, who claims to be just a poor man seeking food, but is clearly lying. He gives his name as Vanzen, and the group decide to take him as their captive, and pretend he is a slave. They blindfold him, bind his hands, and gag him, and Lucky marks him with a smiley face (the temporary mark of their supposed slaving company). With that, the group continue on.

At the House of the Long Slow Kiss, the group are hesitant to enter when they discover they have to leave their weapons at the door, under instruction of the tiefling doorwoman. The house is an extremely expensive place. Although they initially try to pose as people interested in unusual sexual activities, they find the price of gold and a lack of weapons too high to proceed, and they eventually simply request an audience with Transtra – and pay the appropriate price. Only Lucky and Bob enter, and they come to a large, red carpeted room, where the voice of the lamia comes to them from behind a black sheet. The lamia reveals she lent the use of her warehouse to Rezmir, but didn’t know what he planned to do there. When approached about the idea of baiting him back to Skullport, she is reticent, fearing the half-dragon’s wrath.

Dissatisfied with the lamia’s information, the group return to the warehouse. Lucky turns invisible, scales up to the window, checks the room, goes in and puts Leosin (along with his skin) into the bag of holding, then simply returns to his companions. Their mission apparently complete, the group teleport back to Waterdeep, Grax and Vanzen in tow. Entering the streets of Waterdeep once again late at night, the group decide to let Vanzen go. He is told to meet up with the Peacewalkers and try to build a new life for himself there. He reluctantly agrees to “try”, and leaves.

15th of Hammer
As midnight ticks over, the group decide to head for a discreet cleric so that they can get Leosin brought back from the dead. They decide to visit the High Artificer of Gond, the gnome cleric who restored Jamna Gleamsilver’s arm after it had been ripped off by the troll Trepsin. Glinda gathers a few of her closest Peacewalkers, in order to try and calm the half-elf once he recovered from death, expecting him to have some level of trauma. The High Artificer raises Leosin, by he has been maddened by his experience, and immediately begins to claw at his skin, clearly remembering it being torn off by Rezmir. His emotions are calmed with a prayer to Eldath from Glinda, and soon the half-elf comes to his senses.

Leosin informs them of how Rezmir mocked him as she tortured him, mocked him with tales of how the Council of Waterdeep was to be attacked, and the heroes ambushed and killed. She talked of how she was about to go and meet with Galvan the Blue at a silk shop in Virgin Square, and that that was the reason why she now had to kill him instead of torture him more. The companions decided to catch Rezmir at the meeting while Leosin went to inform the members of the Council of the supposed attack that was to occur on them. However, they get some sleep and rest up first in a Harper safehouse.

Once they were rested, the group headed to Virgin Square, a place so named for the stories of virgin sacrifices to dragons at the site in the days of old. The silk shop of which Leosin had spoken was easily found. On the surface it appeared a normal business, but the companions found it quite hard to enter without suspicion. Eventually, after multiple efforts, Lucky, Bob, and Tuskar made their way in, while Fluffypants, Glinda, and Grax pretended to look at the wares of shops nearby. GroB, meanwhile, watched affairs using his spyglass from atop a building on the other side of the square.

Inside, Lucky, Bob, and Tuskar, found Rezmir talking to Galvan the Blue – however, the appearance of Rezmir was just an illusion. It was a trap. Over their heads, they heard the roar of dragons, and out in the square red dragons suddenly appeared and wrought havoc on the townsfolk, as two of them descended on the warehouse. Red Wizards dropped off their backs, as cultists in the crowd revealed themselves and started cutting people down as they made their way towards the warehouse.

GroB quickly escape the scene to try and find help, while Lucky, Tuskar, and Bensvelkeargix took the battle to the few cultists inside the building. Meanwhile, Fluffypants and Glinda, outside in Virgin Square, bore witness to the full extent of the Cult’s attack, as countless cultists and Red Wizards revealed themselves from within the crowd. The tiefling cleric and the half-elven warlock quickly found themselves in great trouble. Fluffypants was taken down by the Red Wizard’s magic, but Glinda quickly brought her back to her feet with a prayer to Eldath. However, now the tiefling was in trouble, and found herself trapped in an alleyway as the cultists bore down on her. Realising she could save herself or make an attempt to save her friend, Fluffypants took what courage she had and went to save Glinda, teleporting into the building next door.

However, Rezmir had anticipated this, and was waiting for her. As Glinda was cut down in the street outside, Rezmir simply chased down Fluffypants and brought her to the ground. Both the cleric and the warlock lay in the street, dying.

Inside the warehouse things weren’t going well either. Tuskar was consumed in the fire breath of a red dragon, and Lucky decided to swill a jump potion and escape as quickly as he good, turning invisible and getting out of there. Bensvelkeargix had his initially attempts at escape blocked by a Red Wizard’s counterspell, but eventually downed a potion of gaseous form and escaped through a crack between the buildings. Though he was hotly pursued by the hate-filled Rezmir, the sorcerer managed to escape.

Tuskar, Glinda, and Princess Fluffypants all died there in the warehouse.

But their allies had not abandoned them. Less than five minutes later, GroB arrived near the street outside along with a cadre of mages of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors, and took the fight to the dragons. Virgin Square hadn’t been the only place attacked – more red dragons were reigning down fire on the surrounding region as well, preventing reinforcements from arriving. More and more of the City Watch poured into the area from all over the city, and cut down the remaining cultists, as more powerful mages including Laeral Silverhand herself eventually appeared and fought the red dragons in the air alongside her Griffon Cavalry. The fight was unlike anything Waterdeep had seen.

While the battle still raged, Lucky returned with an elven cleric of Angharradh, the elven deity of fertility, birth, and wisdom, who he had found at The Plinth. As the final cultists were cut down and the remaining red dragons fled, with the griffon cavalry on their tails, Glinda, Princess Fluffypants, and Tuskar were returned to life, gasping. Their quick-acting allies and the tough defense of the Waterdhavians had been their saving grace, as their bodies still lay where they fell. The main attack force had been so consumed with pursuing Bensvelkeargix, or “Bob”, that they had left their bodies unsullied.

However, Rezmir and many of the Red Wizards did not remain behind to see the end of the battle, and had vanished. In Virgin Square 112 people had been killed, and in the surrounding area where the red dragons had been terrorizing, another fourty seven people had lost their lives. Waterdeep would not soon forget the massacre at Virgin Square. However, the Heroes of Skyreach, although some had fallen, lived to fight another day.


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