The Stockwood Scrolls

The Hunt for Chuth

Winter, 4th - 12th of Hammer (Session 2-26)

Glinda emerges from the cavern filled with a new energy, and describes how Eldath talked to her at the shrine inside. The goddess of peace had marked the tiefling’s fate as being tied to her own, and had imbued her with new wisdom in order to guide her passage in the difficult times to come. The goddess seemed to believe that Glinda’s choices would directly have an impact on her own fate and the role of the peaceful goddess in the Sword Coast in the time to come.

Not long later, Prince Alagarthas arrives with a cadre of wood elves in tow. When they discover the loss of innocent elven life, one of the nobles, Valderi Matari, lashes out at the group, telling them that King Melandrach would hear of it. The Prince sadly informed the group that this would put new pressure on the King to not forge an alliance with them, as the elves would see that their would-be leaders in the war to come were not interested in saving elven lives. He requested that they travel with them to the elven capital of the Misty Forest, and explain themselves to the King directly.

However, the companions did not want to approach the King empty handed, also knowing that he would not be exactly pleased when he discovered that his son Neronvain was in fact Neronvain the Green, not only alive but a devoted, murdering cultist. They decided to hunt down the green dragon Chuth who had escaped their grasp. They would lure the dragon using Prince Alagarthas himself as bait, knowing the dragon’s lust for royal elven blood.

Travelling deeper into the forest, the companions tracked Chuth to the small elven village of Willandell that he had left in partial ruin, before following him to a cave complex that led towards the High Moor. Entering the caves, they found the ruins of a large battle fought between elves and orcs, fought some time ago. Deciding they would try and lure the dragon into the cavern with royal blood, Lucky scouted ahead down, tracking the dragon whilst disguised as the Prince. Down the passage he found a cave leading down into the Underdark, where a large community of grimlocks had set up. Here the dragon was, having convinced the grimlocks to work for it. Lucky lured the dragon back into the cavern with its grimlock allies, and before long Chuth lay dead.

The companions now travelled to the hidden elven capital of Miyentar victorious. Seeing that they had killed Chuth, a great threat to the elves for centuries, and in fact the murderer of his first wife, King Melandrach formally allied the elves with the Council of Waterdeep and the Heroes of Skyreach, declaring the heroes formally friends to the elves. The night was one of great celebration, with elven music and dancing, during which Glinda blessed Miyentar’s spring. Lucky also talked with Melandrach’s grandfather, Kalimdil, one of the oldest elves alive and the founder of the Kingdom in which they stood. After a night of revelry, the group teleported back to Waterdeep.

Upon returning to Waterdeep, Lucky finally met up with Leosin regarding his induction into the true Harpers. After being questioned under magic spell regarding his intentions and desires, Lucky was allowed to enter the organization’s true ranks, and was introduced to a small group of influential Harpers who operated in the Sword Coast and nearby lands. He was also granted a Harper Pin, allowing him to be invisible to divination magic, along with other benefits.

Lucky and his companions next travelled to the Halls of Knowledge, a great library devoted to the god of knowledge, Oghma. There they met with the Head Scribe, Savenius, in a desire to know how best to approach a journey to the Nine Hells to destroy the forcefield surrounding the Well of Dragons, the power behind which lay somewhere in the first level of the Hells, Avernus. Savenius described various known methods of devil summoning, as well the bare basics of Avernus – a police-state under the archdevil Zariel, who had recently usurped Avernus’s former ruler, Bel. The group began to formulate a strategy which would have them use Bel’s presumed desire to see Zariel weakened by the remaining presence of Tiamat in Avernus, as Savenius informed them that the help Zariel was giving to Tiamat was purely because the archdevil wished to see Tiamat gone from her domain. Bel had much to gain by aiding them…


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