The Stockwood Scrolls

Leosin Captured

Winter, 12th - 13th of Hammer (Session 2-27)

The companions continue to question Savenius, the Head Scribe of Oghma about travelling to Avernus in order to destroy the forcefield the rebel Red Wizards had constructed, and once his own knowledge on the specific are exhausted, he advises them to seek out Master Xan, a tiefling warlock who had travelled there many years ago.

Master Xan, now a reclusive monk, tells of how his fellow adventurers were killed infiltrating the fifth layer of the Hells, Stygia, and also advises them on locations in Avernus, dangers, the need for passes, the Abishai and other devils, and how to travel there, including the closed portal in Dragonspear Castle. He also teaches them about the basics of the planes of existence, a necessary short story to explain how he and his companions arrived in Hell (via stealing a Baatorian warship). When asked if he would accompany them on their own journey to Avernus, he resists, having forged a new life for himself since returning. However, when pushed, he reveals that his son was killed twenty years ago by members of the Cult of the Dragon, and Glinda pushes him to help them by playing on his wish for vengeance on the cultists. He agrees to come with them to Avernus, and even cast the plane shift spells necessary to get them there and back.

However, the group jointly decide that travelling to Avernus would be extremely dangerous, and should be avoided if possible. They ultimately decide to approach the Thayan embassy of the Red Wizards to see if they can bring down the forcefield erected by the rebel Red Wizards, which would forego the need to travel to Avernus directly. Glinda indicates severe misgivings, knowing that her parents were slaves of Thay, and her father was killed in a rebellion against Szass Tam’s rule. Nevertheless, she decides to join the group in pursuing their aid, for now. Bensvelkeargix however elects to remain out of the discussions.

As night falls, they find the embassy to be closed, but the companions are granted entrance to meet with the ambassador, a Red Wizard named Dessia Anthai. After they inform him of the forcefield created by the rebel Red Wizards, the ambassador tells them he will inform his superiors in Thay of their wish to meet, and asks that they return in 2 days time. Glinda goes on to question him on the Thayan caste society of slavery, and the ambassador indicates no misgivings about being associated with slaving. He warns her that she is on Thayan soil, and eventually she gives up her attack and the group leave to ponder their next move.

As they are leaving the embassy, Lucky realises he has not received a sending from Leosin today as per usual. They begin to worry when he does not respond, and begin trying to find him. Lucky calls in a favour from Jamna Gleamsilver of the Zhentarim to find out about suspicious goings on around town, and they eventually learn about a suspicious couple of characters hefting a human-sized sack in North Ward. They follow the lead to a ransacked Harper safehouse, where they find evidence of a struggle – and the dead body of Varram the White, his head removed from his shoulders. Leosin was nowhere to be found.

Leaving to follow the trail, the heroes find that one of the sets of tracks is exceedingly large – potentially even the size of a half-dragon. They follow them into the main market square, where they join with a cart and is lost amongst many similar wheel tracks. Going back to follow the other tracks, they find they lead to a rubbish pile, where they find Varram’s severed head. The tracks then head off to a small house in Dock Ward, where four mercenary looking types are inside. Listening in, they are found to be members of the Cult of the Dragon. Groβ heads in and pretends to be a cultist, and eventually convinces them to head back with him to the ransacked safehouse. He also discovers from them that the mission was led by none other than the Black Wyrmspeaker herself, Rezmir – somehow resurrected from the dead.

At the safehouse the cultists are interrogated and Varram’s head is reattached and he is resurrected by Glinda. Having seen Avernus itself, Varram fully wishes to save his soul and commits himself to Eldath. He confirms that it was Rezmir that killed him, and captured Leosin. Around this time, Jamna informs Lucky via a sending that the figure with the sack – now known the be Rezmir, had headed into Undermountain via a little known entrance in Dock Ward – quite some hours ago by this point. Realising finding the half-dragon in Undermountain would be a fool’s errand, the party decided to think of other means of finding her. Eventually they settled on scrying, for which Glinda would need to pray to Eldath, and they would also need to find a crystal ball. Thus, with the sun rising, the companions sought rest, once again at the home of Lady Adarbrent.

Upon awaking, Glinda prayed for her spells and the ability to use Eldath’s power to scry, and the group set of to the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors in order to obtain a crystal ball – or the services of someone who could scry. Arven Llandal let Glinda borrow his crystal ball, and granted them the use of a sideroom.

Scrying, Glinda located Rezmir within a tower inside the underground enclave of Skullport. The half-dragon was torturing Leosin slowly, pulling off his skin, all the while mocking him. She was clearly doing it for pleasure rather than information. Knowing their ally was in trouble, the companions pondered how to rescue him from Rezmir’s grasp.


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